Of all the logistical problems posed by the landing in Britain of an ultra- high mechanical and devouring fuel than the refueling army was crucial.

An original solution was advanced in 1942 by Lord Mountbatten , then Chief of Combined Operations , who proposed wet submarine pipeline. After much trial and error , semi -rigid tubes eventually be developed . They had to carry fuel to the Isle of Wight to Cherbourg . For reeling on the seabed , huge drums were built in the holds of ships suitable for the operation. Another system was also devised with ” Conums ” gigantic coils of 15 meters in diameter, lined with dozens of kilometers of pipes and pulled by tugs.

The operation was named P.L.U.T.O. And nothing to do with the famous dog of Walt Disney , but simply the initials of Pipe Line Under The Ocean .

The submarine pipeline began operating in Cherbourg at the beginning of August 1944. However, by June , another system was used to supply the Allied armies . Off Port -en- Bessin and Sainte- Honorine -des- losses had been built oil terminals , refueled by tankers anchored offshore . From there , started a network of pipes designed to quickly deliver the necessary fuel for the Allied armies in the following as and when they move .